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Dallas TX – Vivant was presented with a unique opportunity to solve a problem for a local office where some of their employees worked from home several days out of the week. The client did not want their employees to use cell phone or home phone when communicating with customers. They had no way to transfer a call to those employees when they were working from home.

The Problem
Employees who worked from home few days out of the week were unable to stay in touch with the office, refrained from calling clients back from their home/mobile phones.

The Solution
Vivant provided the customer with a complete VoIP phone system, VoIP phone for every employee in the office and furnish four cordless VoIP phones for the employees who worked from home. Each person had their own extension in the office and those four employees had their home extensions as well. Now they were all part of the same VoIP phone system, shared all the features as their office and were able to portray a professional image when a customer called asking for them. Now when a customer asked specifically for an employee, if he/she was working from home, the office would simply transfer the call to the respective employee’s extension and they are able to answer as if they were in the office. Moreover, all the features were still available to those employees, such as transferring calls, placing people on hold with the same music on hold, voicemail and much more.

The bonus features

  • Office staff could see if the person was on the phone before transferring a call to them
  • Employees at home were able to place clients on hold, transfer back to the office phones, have their office voicemail sent to their email and more

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About Vivant VoIP

As a phone company, we offer free VoIP phone system & VoIP phones, free maintenance and support while providing our clients with unlimited local & long distance, unlimited features such as, music on hold, auto attendant, unlimited extensions, voicemail, call recording and more.
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