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Small business phone system tips

Traditionally, every small business is forced to buy phone service through a major telephone company, then turn around and purchase a phone system, or hire a company to install the new phone system, program the phone system, connect the phone lines and train the staff. While you are paying for phone service, you must pay for the phone system, installation of phone system, and if the phone system breaks, you must pay a company to troubleshoot and fix it. Now let’s say you hire more staff and business is doing great, then you have to call the phone company, buy more phone lines & phone numbers (roll over), then buy more hardware for the phone system, not to mention buying more phones and paying for installation. Also, after so many years, the phone system is now obsolete and you must replace it with another phone system. This sounds like alot of wasted money for a business.

Well this is the old way of buying phone service and phone systems. Welcome to Vivant, where our technology is here to serve you. Let us explain how Vivant will make this simpler, alot simpler.

New way of buying a phone system

You make one phone call to Vivant, we give you one phone number which will handle unlimited inbound and outbound calls, this means, your phones will never ring busy. Then we find out about your business, recommend a solution, give you a free customized phone system, free phones, then install and train your staff, all for free. This saves you thousands of dollars in upfront expense! Woho, we are happy we are able to save you money.

Now, let’s say business is doing great and you hire more people, great we say! make a quick call to Vivant, we add more phones to your existing phone system, train the new staff, get you up and running, all for free. Why should you pay for hardware when you don’t have to?

About Vivant
As a phone company, we offer free phone systems, free phones, free installation, maintenance and support while providing our clients with unlimited local & long distance calling, unlimited features such as, music on hold, auto attendant, unlimited extensions, voicemail, call recording and more. Our nationwide calling offers reliable service throughout United States with no surprise bills. We install phone systems in dallas, lewisville, plano, richardson, grapevin, denton, ft worth, arlington, mesquite and surround areas.

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