What is the difference between VoIP and regular phone service?
A regular phone line, referred to as analog, are usually limited in feature sets. Once a phone line is purchased through a carrier (phone company), more equipment has to be purchased to gain advanced features such as voicemail, auto-attendant, extensions, conferencing, intercom, and more. With a VoIP system, all of this is combined in one package. We provide you with the phone lines, and phone system features without the expensive upfront cost.

Do I keep my number?
Yes, you will keep all your numbers. We port all of your numbers at no cost.

Can I receive faxes?
Yes, we offer fax-to-email service. This feature works by sending any incoming faxes to your email. You will not need a fax machine. For any senders, they simply just send the fax to your number and will not be aware that this is a fax-to-email service.

Can I send out faxes?
Yes, we can provide you with an adapter to use for your fax.

How many phone lines do I need with VoIP?
Because of the digital technology of VoIP, you will be able to answer as many calls as you can handle. Also with VoIP, you will never have a busy signal no matter how many calls are on-going at the same time.

Can I link multiple locations with VoIP?
Absolutely, this is another advanced feature that VoIP can offer without any additional expense! You can route calls from one location to another if un-answered, manage the entire organization from a single administrative login, call other users in other branches with a push of a button and more. A user at one location can pick up a call, transfer it to another user in another city or country with a push of a button.

We have multiple offices in United States, can you provide service to all of them?
Yes, we offer service throughout United States.

Can we use our existing phone system?
Yes, however, your feature set will be limited to that of your existing phone system. We understand that you have made an expensive investment in your phone system, this is why we give you the new phone system for free rather than asking you to spend more fees on upgrades, so there is no reason not to upgrade.

We currently have VoIP phones, can we switch our service to Vivant?
Yes, if you are happy with your VoIP phones, we can re-program them and you can keep your existing phones.

Do you have any conference phones?
Yes. If you already have conference phones, you may use those and if not, we can provide you with conference phones.

Who maintains the system?
We do. We really mean our slogan, Telecommunications, Simplified. We maintain, update and take care of all the security of the PBX so you do not have to worry about it.

Do I have to pay for any features?
No, with our VoIP phone service, everything is included, and when we say everything, we mean it. This includes unlimited local and long distance, unlimited extensions, voicemail, voicemail to email, auto-attendant, and find-me follow-me, just to name afew. We do offer some additional advanced features for larger clients such as Unified Communications and Conference Hosting, please contact us for pricing.

Is Vivant VoIP E-911 compliant?
Yes. We are e-911 compliant. We do ask that if you move any of our phones off-premise or any location other than the original premise, contact us to update the 911 records for that specific extension.

Can I use my credit card machine?
No, we recommend you contact your merchant and upgrade to internet processing. Our clients have told us it is even cheaper for them to process over internet rather than a traditional phone line.

Does Vivant provide internet?
Sort of. Although we are not an Internet Service Provider (ISP), we do have relationship with all major ISPs. Provide us with your address, we shop all available providers and order the best deal for you.

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