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How to save money by combining your business phone system and phone service

Lewisville TX – A new client called Vivant after they had exhausted the search for purchasing a new business phone system for their which they were told they had to spend a few thousand dollars to purchase and install. This client has 19 employees and needed 15 phones, voicemail, and phone service.

The Problem
The client had shopped around and had received multiple proposal for purchasing their new business phone system.  The client was looking for 15 phones, a business phone system, voicemail for each user, and they wanted to stay within their budget. For a new business phone system, 15 phones, installation, programming and training they were quoted from $4,950 to $6,148.

The Solution
The customer decided to choose Vivant for both the business phone system and their phone service. Vivant provided the customer with a free business phone system, 15 IP phones, programmed and installed them at no additional cost. Instead of the customer spending a few thousand dollars on the purchase, installation and then spend on-going money for support and maintenance for a business phone system, they paid zero up-front, received the business phone system, fully programmed for free. They now also have a free maintenance & support plan in place which will replace their phones at no charge should it ever have any issues.
By saving this customer thousands up-front and on the monthly on-going support cost, Vivant has made yet another very happy customer.

The Bonus
On top of saving thousands upfront on purchase and installation of a phone system, the customer now has access to all the features that they would otherwise had to pay for. Such features that other phone companies overcharge their customers for. They have customized their music-on-hold, incoming ring tones, hours and more to fit their unique business. They created a complete and concise brand, no matter how you reached them.

The customer also did not have to purchase multiple phone lines through a traditional phone company, have a varying bill each month and be nickel and dimed for every feature they wanted to add.

About Vivant VoIP
As a phone company, we offer free hardware(phone systems & phones), free maintenance and support while providing our clients with unlimited local & long distance, unlimited features such as, music on hold, auto attendant, unlimited extensions, voicemail, call recording and more.
Our unlimited local & distance calling offers reliable service throughout United States with no surprise bills.

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